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Tigran Avinyan: About 140 Armenian citizens, who have been at the Lars checkpoint for several days, were allowed to come to Armenia

Commandant Tigran Avinyan writes on his Facebook page:

"Thanks to the day-to-day negotiations with our Russian and Georgian counterparts and the good will of our partners, it was possible to make the transfer of approximately 140 RA citizens to Armenia as an exception, via Georgia through Upper Lars checkpoint at 20:00 on March 20. I would like to thank the Georgian and Russian authorities, the Armenian Ambassador in Georgia and the RA Consul General in Rostov.

I would like to emphasize that according to the decision of the Georgian government, foreigners, including Armenian citizens, cannot enter the territory of Georgia.

To avoid such situations, we urge our citizens who wish to return to Russia from Armenia once again to use the airway exclusively. "