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Opposite side of coronavirus: the planet is self-cleaning at the same time

The environmentalist Silva Adamyan describes the changes in the world in recent months as follows: "The nature forces people out of the environment to protect itself."

World media and social network users write that the well-known canals of Venice have been cleared as a result of quarantine.

The European Space Agency in its turn has published that in some cities of Italy, the amount of NO2, nitrogen oxide, has decreased.

The level of air pollution in China has also dropped significantly due to country's passive economy. The latter was recorded by NASA and European Space Company sputniks.

Can the state of emergency and the isolation of the citizens also have a positive impact on the nature of Armenia? Armenian environmentalists are no optimistic in this regard.

"This response of nature should become a lesson for mankind. But as for the decrease of air pollution, the poor work of factories and cars have their influence too," mentions Silva Adamyan.

Environmentalists Levon Galstyan and Karine Danielyan assure that volume of emissions in Armenia is very small, consequently the temporary pause of industry will not have a significant positive impact on nature. According to them, nowadays mining brings the most serious danger to the nature and only in case of its work suspend we will have some changes.

"Armenia, China, Italy and many other countries have tried and are trying to exploit natural resources - biodiversity, forests, mines - all of which are causing some serious problems. As for China although it is a powerful economic country, its people have a serious problem whit the environment protection, as they eat everything from wild animals to insects. It is a predatory attitude that has brought us to the current condition''- pointes out Silva Adamyan.

Levon Galstyan, in his turn, is convinced that positive changes in nature in these days are not enough, people should change their attitude towards the planet.