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Exports of brandy increase

 The amount of cognac being exported has increased, unfair competence is possible. The state commission for the protection of economic competition has publicized the results of the study held on the cognac turnover. According to it, from January 1 to October 31, 2019, 725 liter cognac (100% alcohol) and 2,323,056 liter cognac alcohol (100% alcohol) have been imported to Armenia. The amount of import of cognac has been decreased with 27% and the amount of import of cognac alcohol has been increased with 55% compared to the previous year. The three companies having the largest amount of cognac import from January 1 to October 31, 2019 are 'Sargis Carolina', 'ADF shops' and 'Alpha food service'. Their total share has been 90%. In 2018, the total share of 'Sargis Carolina', 'AFD shops' and 'Artexim' was 86%. The two major companies importing cognac alcohol during that period were 'Bagrat group' and 'Artashat Vinkon', their total share is 90%. In 2018, ' Vedi Alco', 'Artashat Vinkon' and 'Proshyan cognac factory' had total share of 71%. During the first term of 2019, 21 companies produced 5,220,793 liter cognac (100% alcohol). The three major companies were 'Ararat cognac-wine-vodka factory', 'Yerevan Cognac Factory' and 'Proshyan cognac factory'. Their total share of producing cognac was 62% compared to 68% in 2018. During the 10 months of 2019, 38 companies exported 12 million liter cognac. During the same period of 2018, 33 companies exported 9 million liter cognac. So, the amount of exporting cognac has increased with 37%. During the same period, 14 companies exported 12 mil. l. cognac alcohol, which is equal to the amount of 2018. The commission has also counted the amount of money needed for producing a liter of cognac. Through examining the information presented by the business entities it became clear that the amount of money spent on a half liter cognac (3 year old) isn't equal to the amount counted by the commission. This may be an evidence of unfair affairs. The commission notices that even though the turnover of cognac is highly focused, the values of some indexes assessing the level of focus have been decreased. The commission has also counted the amount of stored cognac and has examined the process of purveyance. The business entities responsible for the purveyance have corrected the details represented to the state bodies.