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Calendar: February 12. “I banned you to call him Dod” (video)

On February 12, 1998, one of the prominent figures of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), Edward Hovhannisyan, emigrated to Armenia from abroad. He is the father of Vahan Hovhannisyan, released from prison two days ago, who had left Armenia in 1972. By the way, when it comes to the question, what he thinks about his son’s candidacy in the snap presidential elections, his father is completely open.

On the same day, The Communist Party of Armenia organizes its 34th convention. The convention nominates The Communist Party leader Sergey Badalyan for the office of the president. The latter confesses that he had a meeting with Defense Minister Vazgen Sargsyan and Prime Minister Robert Kocharyan. Badalyan predicts that the elections will be held in two phases.

This murdered boy is Mkrtich Ohanyan, an ordinary soldier. The previous day, he opened fire on the sleeping soldiers in one of the military units in Armavir region. Six people died, two more were injured, and Ohanyan ran away from the military unit and is found in the Republic Square in Yerevan. The investigation is being conducted by the military prosecutor’s office of Armenia led by Vladimir Gasparyan.

Five days ago, Paruyr Hayrikyan announced that Ter-Petrosyan had been oppressed and his resignation was unconstitutional. On February 12, he says, that there was no pressure, the president’s sense of self-defense was performing. Ter-Petrosyan himself was not ready to join the Council of Europe. Hayrikyan, of course, will definitely be nominated for the snap elections.

In the upcoming presidential elections, Serzh Sargsyan will support the candidacy of Prime Minister Robert Kocharyan. “We will not falsify the election,” assures the Minister of Internal Affairs and National Security.

On these days of 2000 there are 20,000 computers connected to the Internet in Armenia. Their number reaches to 43 million worldwide. These are the data of “Internet User Union”. The average monthly Internet bill in our country is 50 US dollars, more expensive than in America and Europe.

On February 12, 2000, Hrant Matevosyan turns 65 years old. He is a man who imposed his literature on the Soviet Union. Today Matevosyan is writing a novel about a man who ended the war. The heroes of the novel dare to notice that they themselves occupied Berlin, but the fruits of victory are tasted by others.

On February 12, 2001, due to the President Robert Kocharyan’s decree, Boris Nazaryan is fired from the post of Prosecutor General, according to his application. Another decree confirmed that Jirayr Kharatyan is assigned as Prosecutor.

On this day in 2020 Paruyr Hayrikyan is against the constitutional amendments packages of Robert Kocharyan’s semi-presidential and six-party opposition version. The first is much more tense. Hrant Matevosyan is already 67 years old. Today, he is working on the novel “Brims”. Matevosyan has repeatedly stopped writing. Today, however, the writer is convinced that literature has not lost its influence even on a person who doesn’t find his bread or a killer.

On this day in 2008, General Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan announces that for the first time in Armenia “officially unregistered public house” has been revealed. This is ascribed to Hakob Hakobyan, Levon Petrosyan’s team member, in the upcoming presidential election.

On February 12, 2009, in the 4thconvention of the “Prosperous Armenia” Party (PAP), major Armenian businessman Gagik Tsarukyan is re-elected as the president of the party. No other candidates are nominated. A year ago, on this day, during the republican session, Serzh Sargsyan hurled PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan. The latter had begun the process of change of power. Serzh Sargsyan announces that Gagik Tsarukyan should quit politics: “I banned you to call him Dod”.