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Dead men walking in Armenia's prisons

They are still in jail although they have been pardoned. Since 2003, the decree of Robert Kocharyan, Second President of the Republic of Armenia has left 42 inmates locked up in Armenia's prisons with no hope of liberation. Each society must fight a crime. But Armenia does it its own way, keeping in jail Dead Men Walking, literally...

What is crueler: the death penalty with a perspective of freedom through an amnesty, or a swap of your seat on death row with endless imprisonment for life, with no hope of Liberty?

This philosophical question reflects the Kafkaian result of the decree of the President of the RA: 10 prisoners who escaped the death penalty with a Pardon, died in jail. The others who are still alive had a hope to be freed after the 2018 Velvet Revolution. During these days of liberalization of the entire society, the logic would have been that their cases should have been reviewed. They are still waiting in jail, and time goes by...

Banning the Death Penalty is a principle coming from the Council of Europe: it is a matter of Civilization and it is the best way not to execute an innocent. In Armenia, there are convicts who were imprisoned based only on one testimony. But future events went a different way showing that some doors will still remain closed. By the way, How is it to be a dead man walking like our Armenian life termers?


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