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Opposition of Georgia declares protest near Parliament (video)

There are few tents near the Georgian Parliament. It is very difficult to understand whether there are people inside them or not. 

Three people come out, but refuse to give an interview. They just say the fight is going on and a big action is expected next week. Protests in the Georgian capital began on November 14, when parliament rejected a draft constitutional amendment stipulating that the 2020 parliamentary elections should be held exclusively by proportional system. Meanwhile, Georgia's former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili had promised citizens in the summer to switch to the proportional electoral system in 2020.

Thus, the Opposition of Georgia declares opened protest near Parliament. They intend to stage a large rally in Tbilisi again on November 25, trying to overturn the November 26 parliamentary session. They are not frightened by the fact that police, like November 18, can disperse the demonstration by using water cannons and other means.

By the way, one of our interlocutors, who did not want to be photographed, showed his nose, assuring that it was damaged due to the police actions.