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Nikol Pashinyan congratulates on anniversary of adoption of Independence Declaration

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan issued a congratulatory message on the anniversary of the adoption of Independence Declaration.

“Dear compatriots, I congratulate all of us on the occasion of the day of Independence Declaration adoption.

29 years have passed since the Supreme Council adopted the Independence Declaration. It was the manifestation of the united will of the Armenian people, which heralded the start of the Armenian statehood.

During these years of establishment of sovereignty every single day has been for us an uninterrupted chain of hardships of public coexistence, domestic and external, well known and hidden challenges, which again we were able to overcome with united will.

Karabakh war, the April war of 2016, the developments of April-May 2018 showed that the problems that seem to be insurmountable can be solved relying exclusively on our own potential, united will and the strong belief of development.

I am confident that the Armenian people will never again tolerate loss of statehood, sovereignty and rights. Probably, the Republic of Armenia must live on Earth eternally, highly waving our spirit and pride, our freedom and the flag symbolizing our sovereignty.

God protect the Republic of Armenia.”