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The root of all our problems is in Karabakh - Aram Manukyan (video)

When respoding to questions about the Amulsar issue, ANC Vice President Aram Manukyan told reporters that the ecologists have a right to be extreme, but that doesn't mean that all countries have to behave just like ecologists. "Ecologists should remain as ecologists, authorities should remain as authorities, and this has its problems."

The journalists also inquired about Aram Manukyan's opinion about the Istanbul Convention. In response, Aram Manukyan said that we have many problems, but his approach is clear: "Armenia now has much more serious challenges and problems that need to be solved than the Istanbul Convention is."

He noted that this was a common and minor problem and informed that there were many conventions, up to 1993, which had not been signed up to now.

"The root of all our problems is in Karabakh. I say something subjective. Both Amulsar and the rest may be related to Karabakh.