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How much money is needed before start of academic year? (video)

As September 1-knowledge day-approaches, both schoolchildren and students and their parents are preparing for the start of the new academic year.

A1+ made a tour in the shops to find out how much money is needed to cover school expenses.

One citizens say 50,000 drams are needed to provide one child with the necessary school supplies.

“We do not sell shoes with leather, because leather is expensive and most people have no so much money. We often make sales to customers," says one shopkeeper.

There is a great variety of school supplies in stores; it is possible to obtain both foreign and Armenian notebooks.

Shop staff note that the purchasing power of the population has declined in recent years.

Last year the Minister of Education said that schools should not force students to wear uniforms, but according to some schoolchildren, in many schools tradition of wearing uniforms continues.