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Vahe Grigoryan: Here, already, apparently, comes the smell of a dead rat

Attorney Vahe Grigoryan, who represents the interests of the injured parties in the March 1, 2008 events in Yerevan, has made a post on Facebook.
“Dear friends, you have already been informed that on 20/05/2019, Judge D. Grigoryan had decided to suspend the proceedings of the case ‘Republic of Armenia v. R. Kocharyan and Others’—in order to petition to the CC [Constitutional Court],” Grigoryan wrote, in particular. “Yesterday, I had publicized the position of the injured parties in this case—about appealing this decision. Although I have not yet received the decision, (...) I was working on an appeal (…) to this decision.
“And a short while ago, by calling Judge D. Grigoryan’s reception, (...), I asked whether the court—honoring the parties’ right (...) to appeal the decision to suspend the case (...)—waits for the implementation of our right to appeal.
“[But] I learned from Judge D. Grigoryan’s reception that the decision subject to appeal and not yet appealed HAS ALREADY been made, and the CRIMINAL CASE (with all volumes) HAS BEEN SENT TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT.
“By sending the criminal case—along with all its materials—to the CC, our right to appeal has in fact ceased, since the Criminal Court of Appeal cannot consider our appeal without the materials of the criminal case.
“But it will still be seen why this case has reached the CC in such hurriedness (...). This is perhaps an unprecedented and not accidental hurriedness...
“And I have no doubt that this unlawfulness was permitted by the judge, as a result of ignorance or mix-up of the Criminal Procedure Code. This is unprecedented cynicism by the court, and here, already, apparently, comes the smell of a dead rat.”