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Macron sends Sarkissian letter

President of France Emmanuel Macron has sent a letter to President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian to reaffirm that starting from this year, France is annually, officially marking April the 24th as the National Commemoration Day of the Armenian Genocide.

“This is our duty before Armenia and the Armenian people, as well as the survivors and refugees whom France accepted with open arms and whose descendants shaped our country’s history. In order to be able to shape a joint fate it is necessary to be able to clearly look at the past, by bowing before the memory of the dead and respecting the memory of those who live. This is my conviction, and I know that Armenia shares it. We stand with you at time of remembrance, we stand with you also for Armenia’s future now when the new chapter of its history is being shaped, which must be a chapter of peace and prosperity,” Macron told Sarkissian according to the Armenian President's Office. 

Macron added that France and Armenia are shoulder to shoulder proud with their friendship and confident in the future.