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PM’s Labor Day address

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has addressed Armenians on Labor Day, congratulating on the May International Workers’ Day.

“The objective and goal of the Armenian Government is to carry out an economic revolution in the country. Like in the political revolution, in this case also the main and key tool for us continues to be individual effort. This means that our main toolbox must e to encourage citizens, people to work, create, engage in economic activity, believe in their own powers and success”, the Armenian PM said in the address.



“We must together move towards the implementation of this objective, stand tall, believe in our strengths and get rich and enrich with our work. The Government of Armenia is also focusing on the protection of rights of employees, and we are planning to carry out coherent steps in this direction also. Our country must get out of the status of a country having low-qualified labor force, therefore we won’t spare effort for Armenia to be a country of highly-qualified labor force. With his purpose, the Government of Armenia will carry out actions aimed at improving the educational system in order for it to provide our state with highly qualified labor, and that at the moment of graduation students have a status of a competitive specialist.

Dear countrymen,

The Armenian people always stood out with their work and diligence, vigor and creative mind. I am sure that together we will achieve the realization of our goals and with our work we will develop and improve our country”, he said.