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Premier League is the best league. But Spanish teams are better in Europe. Why this happens?


One of the most discussed topics among the fans is the comparison between La Liga and Premier League. Premier League is considered one of the best leagues, because almost all teams get huge amount of money from TV broadcasting and have possibilities to buy best players. On the other hand, Spanish teams have won 4 champions league and 3 Europa league titles in last 4 years Here are 3 reasons why premier league teams aren’t stronger in European competitions. Reason #1 England top-4 turned to top-6. Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United, Liverpool is recovering only after Jurgen Klopp’s arrival, Chelsea took 10th place in 2016 and Arsenal is playing worse and worse. The teams that were playing in UCL semifinals in 2000s are now in the period of reconstruction, that’s why the only team (before Liverpool this year) that reached semifinals was Manchester City. Tottenham is not still a heavyweight and this year again proved they are not mentally ready to pass teams like Juventus. Reason #2 2 best players of the world play in La Liga. It’s important to see that players like Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah are ready to challenge Ronaldo and Messi. But two super stars are key factor for many other stars to join Barcelona and Real Madrid. Also, these two teams are among the 3 richest teams in the world alongside with Manchester United. Having such players and so much power Real Madrid and Barcelona are always favourites to take UCL title. In recent years Atletico Madrid also joined them duet to Diego Simeone’s fantastic work. In the 1st reason we mentioned that English top clubs are in the period of reconstruction, this is why Spanish teams are always in better positions. But things are going to change due to managerial migration to EPL. Guardiola and Klopp are the coaches that will challenge Spanish giants (Klopp’s already doing). Reason #3 For Premier League clubs Europa League was unnecessary tournament. Only Jose Mourinho used the factor of UCL qualification to win Europa League. Now Arsenal is going the same way. Jurgen Klopp did it in 2016. But before that PL teams were not concentrating on Europa League. This is the reason why Sevilla have won the title 3 years in a row. And if we look at the semifinals, there are teams from Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Portugal, but English clubs are missing. Now the new rules of UEFA allow Europa League winner to qualify for UCL’s group stage. This will increase the sense of motivation and importance for EPL teams and they will challenge Spanish teams, like Manchester United did last season.   Freelance Journalist Hrayr Ghahriyan