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Grave Tending Services in Armenia


The demand of our busy lifestyles and moving away from Armenia often makes it difficult or nearly impossible for us to attend our loved ones' resting place as often as we would like to.

Gerezman Solutions provides full range of professional grave care services in Armenia, including floral deliveries, restoration, grave stone design, installation and etc.





Grave tending includes the following services

  • - Cleaning of the grave and the surrounding area,
    - Washing of the headstone, cross-stone (Khachqar), memorial and fence,
    - Removal of long grass, weeds and old plants,
    - Refill of grave vase with flowers,
    - Written and photo report before and after the work,

Maintenance and construction works include

  • - Restoration of gravestones, headstones, Khachqars and other memorials,
    - Adding a note, a drawing, a photo on the gravestone,
    - Repair and repaint of the fence, refreshing the soil/sand,
    - Plant flower beds, grass and other vegetation around the grave and etc.

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