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Paruyr Hayrikyan, the head of the Union for National Self-Determination, is convinced that in the closest future the Armenians in Georgia and the Georgians in Armenia will feel at home. According to him, this is conditioned by the elimination of the Russian military bases in Georgia. Hayrikyan claims that Armenia must follow the example of Georgia.

The head of the Union for National Self-Determination has sent a message to the Georgian President Mikhail Sahakashvili which says, «I congratulate you on and the Georgian nation on the liberation of the nation from the last bases of the Russian imperialism». Mr. Hayrikyan is convinced that the reason for the conflicts in the Armenian-Georgian relations is Russia whose “espionage activities have been revealed by Georgia”.

As for the problems of the Armenians in Javakhq, the desecration of the Armenian cemeteries and the eviction of the Armenian living in Tbilisi from their houses and the intolerance towards the Armenians in general, Hayrikyan says, “It is done not by the Georgian authorities but the criminal organizations”.