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Only three performances will be financed, we need to 'find' money for the remaining performances (video)


Aram Khachaturian's three ballets will be presented in New York, and on September 7, the new play series will opened by the new staging of  "Anush." Artistic Director of Alexander Spendiaryan National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet Constantine Orbelian summarized the work of the passing year and presented the plans for the coming year. According to him, they have huge plans and they will have new performances. Particularly, the new version of Norma, where Anahit Mkhitaryan will play the main role, , Vache Sharafyan's "The Ancient Gods" written by Levon Shant, "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker." "This requires a lot of work and effort. For each new staging, the new project needs a lot of money. State support is insufficient; the Ministry finances three performances: "Anush", "Antun" and "The Ancient Gods." For the remaining performances, we need to 'find' money through sponsors. If all these programs are implemented, I will be happy," said Mr. Orbelian. "For six months I have not raised any issue in the ministry, as I did not know with who I should speak, I wait until everything will be clarified." Currently Mr. Orbelian cannot give any specific answer for the resignation of the choir chief conductor Karen Sargsyan. "I will meet with him today and then only it will be clear what is the solution to this problem. I can only say that there are not many professional conductors like him," he said.