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Gagik Tsarukyan does not say nice words - Tsarukyan about Tsarukyan


The leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) speaks about himself by the 3rd face. "Gagik Tsarukyan can speak about all spheres." However, given the unfavorable weather conditions in Yeghegnadzor, he spoke briefly, presented their future plans. Moreover, he emphasized that he does not say nice words, but he says what he can actually accomplish. According to the PAP leader, it is important for the people to understand that there is a person who thinks about them and shares their concern. Gagik Tsarukyan touched upon the issues such as the lack of access to health care for a large part of the society, citizens who have loans, so they just simply survive and cannot meet their everyday needs. At the end of the speech, Gagik Tsarukyan presented the rating candidates of the Prosperous Armenia Party. Especially, Sergey Bagratyan was presented in detail. After the event, the locals did not leave the meeting for a long time, presenting their concerns to Gagik Tsarukyan  and looking forward to the urgent solution of these problems.