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Volodya Hovhannisyan: Nikol Pashinyan destroys state resources


Publicist, historian Volodya Hovhannisyan estimates negatively the first 100 days of Nikol Pashinyan's government. "He destroyed the yerkrapah, the church." According to him, the nation is divided into two parts: "Those who do not share Nikol Pashinyan's principles are viewed as anti-revolutionaries." Referring to Robert Kocharyan's failed press conference, Volodya Hovhannisyan thinks that Kocharyan was deprived of freedom of speech. According to the historian, if such a process has started on March 1, Nikol Pashinyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan should also be charged. Also, he states that Nikol Pashinyan destroys state resources, there are people who are ready for drastic steps. "We have sworn that we will not raise weapons." The former military officer assures that sooner or later it will become clear that Manvel Grigoryan is innocent. According to Republican Lernik Aleksanyan, any revolution has its dangers, but the latter hopes that the new government will succeed in the fight against corruption. "One hundred days are not enough to evaluate, this is the beginning of a political struggle, the nation is divided into revolutionaries and anti-revolutionaries."