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LIVE. YSU students demand Rector's resignation


In the morning, a group of students gathered at the YSU yard demanding the resignation of Rector Aram Simonyan. The protesters say that the situation has changed and yesterday's rector does not meet the university student requirements today. The YSU "Restart" initiative member David Petrosyan particularly mentions that the Rector's office is making unreasonable expenses which can be directed to improving the quality of education, and highlights the academic freedom, which, according to him, is absent in the YSU. "We waited for a month, hoping that some reforms would take place at the university, there would be initiatives from the leadership, there would be announcements, support for students, welcomed, but the opposite process took place. we continue to receive calls from students, lecturers who point out that those who participated in the demonstrations, to put it mildly, do not receive good treatment. Additionally, the existence of a number of problems in the YSU today, including the quality of education, academic freedom, transparency in government, and inefficient resource spending, which can even be described as waste, does not leave us anything but to demand resignation, of the leadership, including the resignation of the Rector." Students marched to the university building and moved to the black building. The action is ongoing.