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Performance that starts instead of ending


How can we make our children cut off from computers, today's foreign colorful and dynamic cartoons and bring them to theaters? "Such performances as a fairy-tale musical "Frozen," directed by Lily Elbakyan," said Vardan Mkrtchyan, Sundukyan,Head of the Theater. "As Stanislavsky said "If it is necessary to direct the play well for adults, then for children it is necessary to direct very well." It was a very courageous step. I should mention that Lily did not direct the play in our theater due to my invitation. It is not a Christmas Tree performance but is included in the playlist. Instead of ending this play starts," said Armen Elbakyan, Artistic Director of the Theater. Today, Sundukyan Theater summed up 2017, and spoke about the upcoming projects. They will not work on quantity but quality. If they have three premiers during the year then they will try to cooperate with foreign directors and actors. "Bride from the North," devoted to Vardan Achemyan and Arno Babajanyan, "Sasna Tsrer," "Rustam and Zohrab" will be directed. One problem for the theater and the year's gift will be the small stage. Armen Elbakyan said that directing good performances was not enough. There was a need for highly qualified technicians who would be able to handle the 21st century technology. "This is a problem and maybe there is a necessity to prepare professionals at our Universities. Speaking of critics, in the past, our artists, used to watch the performance for seven to eight times and only then wrote a critical article."