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Azerbaijanis established football club called “Karabakh” in Austria


One of the newcomers of the Austrian Regional League is called “Karabakh”.  It is the football club with the same name representing Wien. And a question arises how did a football club with such a name appear in a European country? In 2014 Azerbaijani businessmen obtained Austrian FC SV Ottakring and renamed it to “Karabakh”. They invested much money in the team and in three seasons moved the team from Wien championship to Austrian National League, which is the third with its significance. They aim at entering Bundesliga. Mainly Turkish footballers play in FC Karabakh in Wien. The last footballer, who joined the FC, is an Azerbaijani citizen. To note, the Austrian club closely cooperates with Turkish FC Trabzonspor. The latter’s symbol is even depicted in the official website of the Wien club. There is no doubt that the abovementioned project pursues political intention. Unfortunately, in some countries football has become a tool for political forces. In particular, in our neighboring countries for years Aghdam’s FC Karabakh has been supported so that it take prize places and represent Azerbaijan in European tournaments. This is called Turkish diplomacy.