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96 million AMD from Karen Vardanyan to heroic mothers of border villages (video)


Tavush region has the longest border with Azerbaijan, 352 km. Despite the war tensions and difficult social conditions and population decrease, but people who stayed there were not frightened and did not alienated their children from the borderline areas, moreover, and they stand firm in their native land, raising new defenders and future mothers in homeland. There are 10 families with 6 and more underage children living in the border villages of Tavush. They all live in deplorable conditions. The owner of "Grand Holding" Karen Vardanyan helped all these families. Ahead of the International Women's Day, he fulfilled their biggest dream – to have a home with human conditions, so 8 heroic mothers who have 6 and more underage children have received houses as a gift and 2 families got agricultural machinery as desired. All families have been provided with necessary furniture, refrigerators, stoves, washing and sewing machines and TV sets. In addition, some families have received 14 small and 36 large cattle Altogether, for this charity event, Karen Vardanyan has allocated 96 million AMD.