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Police disperse rally, clear the street, dozens of demonstrators taken to police station (video)

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On July 21 at about 04:45 on Khorenatsi Street large groups of the policemen started to free the street and take the people to the police stations. Before that at about 04:00, the police warned the protesters gathered in Khorenatsi Street that the rally was illegal and called on them to leave the area. Though, the demonstrators stayed there. Calling on the protesters for the second time, the policemen gave 15 minutes to free the area. The protesters again didn’t obey and the policemen started to take them to the police stations. Force was used against some of the citizens. Part of the policemen was in civilian clothes. After those actions by the police there were no protesters left in Khorenatsi street. On July 20 at 22:00 the police used tear gas. Dozens of citizens were taken to the police stations. Shots were heard in the whole territory of Khorenatsi street. As of 02:30 a.m., 51 people, including 28 police officers applied to different hospitals in Yerevan following the clashes on Khorenatsi steet between police and demonstrators that had come to express their support to anti-government gunmen occupying a nearby police station.