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The "Artsakh Security and Development Front" public movement appeals to all international humanitarian organizations OPEN A HUMANITARIAN AIRWAY TO ARTSAKH.

Artsakh is in the midst of a humanitarian disaster. Since December 12, 2022, Artsakh has been under blockade by Azerbaijan. Since June 15, Azerbaijan has blocked the entry of humanitarian cargo, and since July 11, it has also blocked the transportation of seriously ill patients by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

What is happening in Artsakh fully corresponds with the definition of a "humanitarian disaster" as determined by international law. This is real genocide. The situation is critical. New cases of death will be on the conscience of those who saw, knew, and remained silent.

This is all happening before the eyes of the international community, which remains silent and pretends to be blind. Azerbaijan disregards and refuses to implement the decision of the International Court of Justice on February 22 to unblock the Lachin corridor, which was reaffirmed on July 6, while ignoring the calls and resolutions of international parliamentary structures, because no sanctions have been instituted against the state.

In the current situation, the Russian peacekeeping troops are unable to fulfill their mission in Artsakh as defined by the provisions of the tripartite declaration of November 9, 2020, which should ensure the uninterrupted connection of Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia.

Yes, the situation requires diplomatic, political, negotiated solutions. But those take time, and we don't have any more time.

Right now, those who are in critical condition require immediate assistance. Right now, in order to save the 120,000 citizens of Artsakh — including 30,000 children and 20,000 elderly — from a humanitarian disaster, it is necessary to open an air corridor.

Today, there was an announcement from the Azerbaijani side about using the Aghdam-Stepanakert road. For the international community, this may seem normal at first glance, but everyone in Artsakh knows very well what security threats lie beneath his statement and what risks and consequences it may hold for us.

It is not and cannot be a solution for us. It is the implementation of the policy of ethnic cleansing.

Artsakh needs a humanitarian air corridor with any country willing and able to help. Let it be any third country coordinating its operations with the Russian peacekeeping troops, which is responsible for ensuring the security of Artsakh.

The "Artsakh Security and Development Front" public movement appeals to all international humanitarian organizations:


• International Committee of the Red Cross,


• United Nations Population Fund,

• Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations