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Leading International and Armenian Companies Focusing on Ecosystem Solutions Join Orion Summit 2022 

Yerevan, Armenia - Orion Summit 2022 will be held in Yerevan, Armenia, on June 22. The summit agenda focuses on the presentation of ecosystem solutions and encouraging their implementation in Armenian companies. Ecosystem solutions enable businesses and individuals operating in any sector to offer a wide range of services.

Considering the vital role of Orion Summit in the creation and development of ecosystems in Armenia, Ameriabank, Armenia’s leading financial and technological institution of the country, joins Orion Summit 2022 as a Platinum sponsor to combine efforts in highlighting the role and significance of digital ecosystems.  

Ameriabank is the only company in the Armenian financial market to have introduced a set of digital ecosystems, thus, acting as a pioneer in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, through dedicated digital platforms.

“Appreciating Orion Summit’s role in the creation and development of ecosystems in Armenia, we readily joined the Summit to highlight the importance of it as well as to share our expertise in building a set of digital ecosystems and solutions. Orion supports the development of independent startups while we create a startup environment and establish startups right within the company. And now we are joining efforts to highlight Armenia's digital potential. At the same time, by participating in the Summit, we want to emphasize the need for the change in people’s mindset, and corporate culture of companies”, - said Artyom Shamtsyan, Ameriabank's Chief Innovation and Digital Officer.

The Orion Summit which will be held in Yerevan will be attended by companies from technology, financial and other sectors, prominent businessmen and founders of internationally recognized startups, investors, consultants and experts. Visitors and guests will have great opportunity to listen to speakers from leading international companies, including Adobe, SADA, Embodied, cognaize, Scylla, Grand Thornton, Startup Lithuania and others.

“The Summit will cover trending topics in technology and business, which are essential also for Armenian startups. Orion Summit is turning into a platform for deals. We start with Yerevan, next year it will take place in New York and then in Frankfurt. The goal is to give Armenian startups an opportunity to network and cooperate with the largest global companies”, - said Diana Arzumanyan, Co-founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations Armenia. 

Mark Chenian, a renowned expert in investment banking and financial advisory, is the keynote speaker at the Summit.  Emma Arakelyan, founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations, Diana Arzumanyan, Co-founder of Orion Worldwide Innovations Armenia and Robert Khachatryan, Minister of High-Tech Industry will open the Summit. Martin Galstyan, Governor of the Central Bank of Armenia will also be among the speakers.




About Orion

Orion Worldwide Innovations (“Orion”), is a startup growth and ecosystem acceleration hub and offers a full-service package to make companies investable to enter the US market, enhance their customer acquisition strategies, stay competitive and protect their innovation. Orion is a U.S.-based company formed in 2017, with offices in New York City, U.S., and Yerevan, Armenia, though Orion partners with companies and investor networks worldwide.



About Ameriabank

Ameriabank CJSC is the largest financial and technological institution in Armenia. Ameriabank provides a comprehensive package of ecosystems and digital solutions allowing customers to receive comfortable and fastest financing in all major areas (SME loans, car loans, mortgage loans, consumer loans), and to go through the whole process from account opening to receiving a card and applying for financing in the online environment of the Ameria ecosystem. 


Ameriabank has adopted a customer-focused approach and is committed to doing business responsibly to ensure service quality and modern banking experience in an evolving digital environment.