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UCOM prolongs the unlimited internet offer for the level up 4700 and level up 5500 subscribers

Ucom has extended the deadline for the unlimited internet access offer. Both new and existing subscribers of the Ucom’s voice service’s Level Up 4700 prepaid and Level Up 5500 postpaid tariff plans, launched in June of this year, will keep on benefiting from the unlimited internet access until January 31, 2022. 

«In the line of the Level Up tariff plans, we have initially provided the opportunity of benefiting from the real unlimited internet access not only to the subscribers of the Level Up 8500 and Level Up 8700 tariff plans, but also to the users of Level Up 4700 and Level Up 5500 tariff plans, which was done within the framework of a special offer. I am delighted to announce that the unlimited goes on, and the latter group may forget about the consumption of the internet volume for the upcoming 4 months, especially now, at the beginning of the academic year, when there’s a need to use a lot of educational materials and applications", said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom. 

Let us add, that even the most affordable tariff plan users, such as the Level Up 1700 prepaid ones, have unlimited access to such educational applications and platforms, which are in great demand today, such as Coursera, Duolingo, Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and etc.