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Karen Vardanyan has allocated 105 million AMD to rescue the Yerevan Botanical Garden. (video)

Being neglected for more than 30 years, the main collection area of the Botanical Garden of Yerevan that preserved green trees, which covers about 15 hectares territory, from now on can be irrigated anytime of year.

For that purpose, with the financing by benefactor Karen Vardanyan, a 5 km long irrigation system has been constructed, a pumping station, a deep well, a 60-ton tank, 180 valves have been installed, and a water filtration basin has been built.

A solar station has also been installed in the Botanical Garden. This will allow to reduce about 5 million AMD annual cost of electricity, also increased due to operation of the newly installed pumping station, and direct the saved money to settle other issues.

To ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the installed solar station, the 800 m2 roof of the building has also been repaired. For construction of the irrigation system, repair of the roof and installation of the solar station, benefactor Karen Vardanyan has allocated 105 million AMD.