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Tumo International Center opens in Moscow

The 3rd Tumo International Center opened in the Russian capital today, August 26.

After Paris and Beirut, now the young people of Moscow will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Tumo program, apply the most innovative technologies and master a number of modern areas.

As a result of the cooperation between Tumo and Genome Ventures, the Tumo of Moscow will be able to provide its students opportunity to master in the following 8 areas: programming, graphic design, robotics, 3D modeling, game creation, music, filmmaking and animation. In the future, 6 areas will be added: website creation, painting, photography, new media, mobile graphics and creation.

"It is noteworthy that in Moscow we are announcing an innovative hybrid system - a combination of lessons in online centers, which we have recently developed to adapt to the new reality. We are sure that the program, which is already popular among European teenagers, will be liked by the teenagers of Moscow. We hope this is just the beginning of Tumo's Russian expansion," said Tumo Director Marie Lou Papazian.