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How much government pays for hotels to accommodate isolated people

The Armenian government has rented thousands of rooms in more than a dozen hotels to isolate people suspected of having coronavirus.

Within the framework of the COVID-19, hotel services were purchased more than 20 times through the Ministry of Economy and about 224 million drams were paid.

Some of the rented hotels are known to the public, some not so much. And quite a lot of big deals have been signed with some hotels.

It is clear from the agreements posted on the government's website that the largest deal was signed with "Rumi LLC", which was paid 42 million 542 thousand drams. "Regine" LLC is in the second place, to which 20 million 925 thousand drams were paid for 93 room numbers in the first stage, and 4 million 50 thousand drams were also added for the second stage.

It is clear that the government is trying to alleviate the costs of the hotel business, which is almost idle due to the epidemic, in addition to solving the problem of isolating the suspects with COVID-19. However, we know that the government probably can't afford such expenses for a long time, because at the moment not only tourism and the hotel business, but also the whole economy is in bad condition. And if some taxes were collected in March, the budget revenues would fall sharply in April.

In one of his speeches, Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan did not rule out that at some point they may not be able to keep the isolated people in hotels and ask them to isolate themselves in their apartments.