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Series of restrictions imposed by government of Artsakh


According to the decision of the Government of the Artsakh Republic on March 26, 2020, a number of restrictions have been imposed on the activities of public authorities and their subordinate organizations.

  • Particularly, the activity of public authorities will be carried out remotely/ online, simultaneously ensuring uninterrupted performance of body functions. Entrance of employees in the administrative buildings of public authorities is prohibited unless there is indication from the head of the body regarding individual employees.
  • Besides, the government temporarily suspends the activities of public administration and local government service offices, and in case of impossibility of the latter, their activities are restricted by significantly reducing working hours and staff number.
  • In case of online services, all the services are provided solely electronically, in case of its impossibility or in case of urgent need public authorities and local governments will publish information on the bodies' existing phone numbers, websites, e-mail addresses and other means of communication through their official websites, social networks and mass media in order to be able to respond to the urgent needs of citizens.

 This Government decision is valid till March 31 inclusive.