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Journalistic organizations demand cancellation of certain points of decision concerning to emergency situation in Armenia

The statement of the journalistic organizations on regulating the information during emergency situation reads as follows.

"We, the undersigned, have expressed our negative view of the provisions of the Government's decision to declare a state of emergency in the Republic of Armenia that regulate the dissemination of information.

Upon entry of those provisions into force, we note that their application is ineffective, disproportionate, inconsistent with the principles of reasonableness, and does not contribute to the realization of public interest in an epidemic.

We exhort the Government of Armenia and the commandant's office to:

  • immediately annul the points 23,24,25 and 26 of Government’s Decision N 298-N on the state of emergency in the Republic of Armenia
  • develop a new regulation setting out information dissemination regime, which will clarify possible limitations in this difficult situation, promote media adherence to professional responsibility norms, and ensure effective and useful partnership between official structures and media.

We are ready to support the development of the document:

Yerevan Press Club

 Media Initiatives Center

 Freedom of Information Center of Armenia

Public Journalism Club

Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression

Journalists' Club Asparez

Media Diversity Institute – Armenia

Journalists for Future

Journalists for Human Rights