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He did not manage to do much - Gevorg Yazicjian about Hatspanyan (video)


"Truthful, fearless, he was not asking who liked his this or that phrase. He himself believed that he was right," says his friend, journalist and historian Gevorg Yazicjian about Sargis Hatspanyan. Because of illness Hatspanyan could not do much. Yazicjian noted that Hatspanyan wanted a civil society to be created in Armenia. "During the Velvet Revolution and after that, many friends from abroad applied me, and I have made their request: go and bow their head in front of his tomb in Yerablur and put a flower. And they wanted him to see, to be happy with the spiritual awakening of the Armenian people," continues Yazicjian. Referring to the optimization of the ministries, the historian said that Hatspanyan was for that, but he was demanding to be strict, increase salaries and raise the effectiveness of the rest of the ministerial institutions. According to him, Hatspanyan made some criticisms during Levon Ter-Petrosyan's and Robert Kocharyan's terms in office, and after them he was extremely critical towards during Serzhik's presidential tenure.