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You cannot even compare rabis of our youth to our today's 'cheap' music


"A1+'s" guest, dramatist Garik Ghazaryan, who has worked for many years on television and radio noted: "During my youth, Yerevan was so colorful. Today, black color prevails. Perhaps it is because of the fact that our cultural air is not ecologically clean today." "In my young years, art and literature were developing in Yerevan because industry and agriculture were also developing. If you have a strong industry, art will develop," says Mr. Ghazaryan. "Maybe it's a bad thing, but today we are constantly make ourselves monkeys, by pretending Europeans and by that we are preaching a 'cheap culture.' You cannot even compare rabis of our youth to our today's 'cheap' music. Urban folklore was the music of our time. Today, the Arab, Turkish and Persian melos have flooded our daily lives. They say the people want it. The same is dance. They talk about folk dance today. You look and think, is this Armenian dance? I studied at the school after Mayakovsky which gave me great knowledge. The Soviet educational system was the best which we have easily eradicated, and the best English schools have passed on to this educational system."