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Armenians view accordion as not an academic, but an instrument for popular genre of music - Polish well-known accordion player


"Armenian audience is the warmest, the best wine in the world that has ever tasted is Armenian wine, and the brightest surprise that he on his birthday he received here," says Polish phenomenal accordionist Machey Frockevicz, who gave concerts in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Byurakan Art Academy within the framework of Yerevan Prospects international music festival. "The accordion was not my choice," the musician confesses. "I was a naughty child and my parents decided to give me a musical school so that I would spend my energy on something. Even though I did not know the accordion instrument, I would say that I immediately loved it and I still expose the possibilities of this instrument." According to him, it was also unexpected for the Armenian audience that the accordion is such an instrument that can even replace an orchestra. Unfortunately, Armenians view accordion as not an academic, but an instrument for popular genre of music. The virtuoso musician, who is the winner of the most prestigious competitions of classical accordion, who performed with the best orchestras and famous conductors, is ready to come and give master classes for Armenian gifted children. Mashey Frockkevich is convinced that the accordion is a 21st-century instrument, with a completely undiscovered opportunities. He believes it is similar to chameleon, as it can fit in with color and sound, can be in line with brass and string, can be played with the orchestra and as a solo instrument , but in the case when the performer knows and can use this widely used instrument.