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Tailors of Police uniforms do not receive 8-month salary


Employees of "Continentex" sewing factory demand their salaries of 8 months. Factory employee Gohar Tamamyan mentioned that the factory has been closed for 5 years. "Nobody cares about us. We wrote a letter to both the government and the police. There is no one to deal with our problem. We only want our salary. We are not solicited to hire a lawyer to protect our interests." Gohar Tamamyan mentioned that they are unaware of why the factory was closed. It is known that former police chief Vova Gasparyan is behind all of that. "In 1995, we were working there, sewing the uniforms of the police." The factory was a state institution, it belonged to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Now the police uniforms sew the Kanaker sewing factory, which is private. Employees have also appealed to the new government, but the response has further aggravated them. "We were told that they are not eligible to pay salaries. Well, so who is eligible for that?" The factory staff also appealed to the police to meet with the police head, but they have not yet reached their turn.