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Emmanuel Macron: Francophonie will not be a place where only words will sound


President of France Emmanuel Macron deliver remarks at the opening ceremony of the XVII summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie in Yerevan, Armenia. “I would like to address my first words to you, Mr. Prime Minister, thanking for the reception. I would also like to congratulate you on organizing this summit at its best. You know what kind of a high place your country has in the hearts of the French people. In Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or elsewhere, the word Armenia causes very delicate and emotional emotions in the souls of the French people,” Macron said, addressing PM Nikol Pashinyan. Emmanuel Macron also addressed the late Charles Aznavour, emphasizing that the legendary crooner was a symbol of Armenia, France and Francophonie. “He was a huge talent of singing, who sang about our happiness, misfortunes, our light approaches toward life. He sang with a unique sadness, which is unique to people living in wandering. We all know that he is Armenian, he was singing and preserving Armenianness, was encouraging courage. By fully acknowledging the great crime, the Genocide, a victim of which was also he, I want to voice the name of this great man, Charles Aznavour,” Macron said. Speaking about the La Francophonie summit, the French president said that today, a great big family has gathered in Yerevan, a family which includes all continents. “We all belong to this family and don’t have the same skin color, our Gods don’t have the same names, some also don’t believe in God. We live in different climate conditions, our songs aren’t similar. We’ve also had wounds which are only beginning to heal. Nevertheless, this diverse family is united around one language. We perceive and express this language with diversity, however we all understand each other. This language doesn’t belong to anyone, it is everyone’s. This language was able to accept the thoughts of everyone. Our communication is expressed not only through this language but also our vision addressed to the world. Our vision is regularly being reconsidered and updated. Brotherhood, peace and justice are the cornerstones of our organization,” he said.