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Hayk Marutyan's biography


Hayk Marutyan spent 7 years at the Yerevan Secondary School No. 83. The 8-10th grades he studied at the Anania Shirakatsi School. In 1992 - 1997 he studied at the Yerevan State Engineering University. In 1995 - 2002 he played in the KVN team of the Polytechnic Institute "Armenian Project". In 1996 - 2002 he worked in the company "Sharm" as a screenwriter, director, actor of "220 volts", "Vailur", "Mer Baky", "Mer Baky 2", "Tuyn Kaset", "Urish Kaset", "Banda", "Commercial act"(together with the "Armenia" TV company). In 2002, together with friends, he founded the company "Cool Studio", where he worked as an actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He created the following projects: "Cool Program", "Cool TV series", "7.5", "No Comment", "Ala Bala Nitsa". Also participated in all projects as an actor. He participated in numerous television and film shootings. Starting from May 2018, he actively participated in the "Make a step" movement of the Republic of Armenia. His wife is Iva, Czech by nationality, whom he met in 2004, when the latter was a volunteer in Spitak, as part of the Red Cross mission. He has two children: Alice and Arthur. Hayk Marutyan is a candidate for mayor of Yerevan from the Civil Contract Party.