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CEC Chairman: We are preparing for early elections (video)

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Head of the Armenian Government Staff, Minister David Harutyunyan says well-attended rallies are not enough to make them start negotiations with the opposition.  “If they continue to sing the same song and call for a power change and early elections, I think there is no point in speaking about cooperation,” he said adding that they can't be forced into early elections by political opponents. Early elections are scheduled to be held in the country, says CEC Chairman Tigran Mukuchyan. "We are getting ready for them. Local government elections will be held in the country in the near future, besides, early elections are set to be held in some communities. Mr Mukuchyan is not against amending the Electoral Code. “All elections held in the country to this date were free, fair, transparent and without fraud." Gagik Jhangiryan, a member of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) is amused the same statements. “About 2,5 million  voters are included in the electoral roll, but the authorities know that we do not have so many people living in Armenia. “Migration is reaching its heights while the number of voters on the electoral register is growing.” The authorities that rig elections should step down, the process of a power change has started and will soon yield results. Jhangiryan is aware of the disagreements inside the three opposition forces; some want to hold sit-ins, others call for regular rallies, but the opposition knows its future steps. “All other changes are underway inside the ruling regime as the massive rallies could not remain without response by the authorities.” Mr Jhangiryan advises not to pay attention to the authorities’ calmness and says they have exhausted 80 percent of the resources they need to withstand the movement.